Are you fed up with

  • constant deadlock between political parties?
  • a government that typically represents a privileged few?
  • persistent inaction on matters of urgent concern?

Do you think there must be a better way?

We believe that a broad cross-section of everyday Americans selected to serve for limited terms or purposes would do a better job of running the country than career politicians beholden to donors and special interests. Everyday people from all walks of life chosen by democratic lottery, like a jury for trial, would make our government better and transform decision making in the United States. It would bring us closer to genuine democracy, government of by and for the people.

Career politicians are more interested in beating the other side to gain power or wealth. They spend more time appearing on TV, raising campaign money, doing backroom deals, and entertaining lobbyists than actually looking at problems from all points of view to find the best solutions for all of us.

Sortition—the act of choosing decision-makers via democratic lottery—is the way to get everyday people inside decision-making bodies from school boards to Congress. Such groups of citizens can spend ALL their energy on learning the facts, listening to stakeholders and experts, and making the right choices for everyday people. Choices that you would make if you were picked. Our beloved jury system works in the same way.

Our organization campaigns for a world free from partisan politicking, where everyday people make decisions in an informed, deliberative, and fair environment for the benefit of all. We are affiliated with the Sortition Foundation.

Democratic lotteries can replace how we select those who govern us and can be used to solve one problem at a time in conjunction with politicians. They can even be used to select the Directors of a Board like we do. It is the best way to get a broad spectrum of people together to make good decisions.

Help make governments responsive to people instead of money! Become a member of Democracy Without Elections!