Democratic Lottery for Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The following democratic-lottery-selected individuals have agreed to be on the Board of Directors for Democracy Without Elections.

  • Michael Miller, Renton, Washington
  • David Grant, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Chris Forman, Chicago, Illinois
  • Drew Penrose, Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Jonathan Crock, Washington, DC
  • Erik Carter, White Plains, New York
  • Don Ferris, Sahuarita, Arizona
  • Brian Shelton, Alexandria, Virginia

  • Edward Morgan, Austin, Texas

The Selection Process

The membership of the organization voted on 13 September 2020 to create a Board of Directors. The motion that passed follows.

Democracy Without Elections establish a 9 member Board of Directors who are selected using a democratic lottery. They serve a staggered 18 month term so that every 6 months 3 members leave the Board and 3 are selected using a democratic lottery. A member leaving the Board may not serve on the Board again during the next term, but may enter subsequent lotteries.

The first selected Board shall decide among themselves the 3 members who will serve 6 months, the 3 members who will serve 12 months, and the 3 for 18 months.

The Board shall use deliberation techniques to operate.

The democratic lottery shall use as the basis of the selection all members of the organization.

The Chapter authorized the Coordinating Committee to set up the democratic lottery. Our Convener, Owen Shaffer, decided not to participate in the lottery selection, and the Committee appointed him to manage the selection.

The selection occurred online at 3pm Eastern on 18 October. Owen was accompanied by Philipp Verpoort (a Director of the Sortition Foundation living in the United Kingdom) to do the selection. The results of the selection are shown in the table.

While the privacy of individuals is maintained, you should be able to find yourself in the table. Consider your email address that you used to join the organization. Put the fourth, fifth, sixth and ninth character of your email together and find it in the table. Select # is the position in the democratic lottery that each was selected.

As individuals are contacted (Contact date) and individuals choose to be on the Board (Said yes), the table will be updated. Each person is given 3 days to respond to the email inviting them to join the Board.

Elected Boards in other organizations are able to identify their Directors shortly after the election is over because those standing for the elected position have already agreed to serve if elected. A democratic-lottery-selected Board is different, however. No one was pre-qualified to be in the selection, so time must be given to selected individuals to determine if they want to be on the Board.

A video recording of the democratic lottery for the selection of the Directors is here.

Code Select # Said yes? Contact date 1 Y 18 Oct
elvc 2 no 18 Oct
isjr 3 Y 18 Oct
6133 4 no 18 Oct
id.h 5 no 18 Oct
anm7 6 no 18 Oct
l@bl 7 no 18 Oct
anth 8 Y 18 Oct
nicl 9 Y
18 Oct
onkg 10 no 19 Oct
ckjm 11 Y

19 Oct

chb@ 12 Y

21 Oct

th@a 13 no 21 Oct
eri@ 14 Y 21 Oct
gne@ 15 no 21 Oct
ifee 16 no 21 Oct
ca5o 17 no 24 Oct
eszk 18 no 24 Oct
eswg 19 no 27 Oct
barm 20 no 27 Oct
sse@ 21 no 30 Oct
ardo 22 Y 30 Oct
mcgp 23 no 30 Oct
smem 24 no 2 Nov
heln 25 Y 2 Nov
isai 26
ribo 27
@geg 28
here 29
rd@. 30
emca 31
012@ 32
jnsm 33
wace 34
oahd 35
ueta 36
tonl 37
ettb 38
.ein 39
rybr 40
lyrd 41
ro@i 42
@maa 43
yn.m 44
-coe 45
ll@p 46
gnis 47
rk7y 48
uetm 49
rgei 50
enrd 51
e11a 52
onec 53
etay 54
sics 55
ndto 56
ema@ 57
desy 58
ic@m 59
rawa 60
id@e 61
r@c. 62
ielr 63
nite 64
monl 65
rewr 66
ah.a 67
meal 68
cesc 69
ff1g 70
lbo8 71
x.mi 72
mgio 73
@soi 74
zarc 75
liad 76
illn 77
ada9 78
gki@ 79
comp 80
rel9 81
tt.i 82
ownt 83
uele 84
oh8m 85
x@ax 86
epeo 87