These links take a more indepth look at democratic lotteries and deliberation.


Why Hybrid Bicameralism is Not Right for Sortition

Democracy Through Multi-Body Sortition: Athenian Lessons for the Modern Day

A Better Co-op Democracy Without Elections?

Politics Without Politicians

A Sortition Manifesto

What is Sortition?

Let’s Get Rid of Elections

From Ancient Athens to the Town Hall

Podcasts and Podcast Episodes:

John Gastil and Katherine Knobloch Discuss Hope for Democracy Book

Malcolm Gladwell Discusses Democratic Lotteries with Adam Cronkright

Reasons to be Cheerful Podcast Discuss Citizens’ Assemblies in the UK

The Facilitating Public Deliberation Podcast

The Real Democracy Now Podcast

Democracy in Crisis, WORT 89.9 FM


Against Elections

    Against Elections introduced by its author

The End of Politicians

Deliberative Democracy in America

Democratic Reason

Deliberation Day

Rebooting Democracy

Democracy a Life

Hope for Democracy

US Organizations and Examples:

Healthy Democracy

Jefferson Center

Michigan’s Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission

America Speaks

America in One Room

Of By For

Zeidler Group

Bard Institute: Revitalizing Democracy through Sortition

International Organizations and Examples:

Irish Citizens’ Assembly

German Citizens’ Assembly on Democracy

New Democracy Foundation

French Citizens’ Convention on Cilmate

Climate Assembly UK

British Columbia Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform

Sydney Policy Jury on a Safe and Vibrant Night Life

University of Goettingen Lottery

East Belgian Citizens’ Council
More examples via: Democracy R & D