Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of democratic-lottery-selected individuals. Elections are not part of the process. Individuals serve staggered six month terms; therefore three are replaced every six months. The Board uses deliberation as the primary means of making decisions. Our Directors:

  • Michael Miller, Renton, Washington
  • David Grant, Baltimore Maryland
  • Chris Forman, Chicago, Illinois
  • Drew Penrose, Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Jonathan Crock, Washington, DC
  • Erik Carter, White Plains, New York
  • Don Ferris, Sahuarita, Arizona
  • Brian Shelton, Alexandria, Virginia
  • Edward Morgan, Austin, Texas

The Officers of the organization are not Directors, but serve at the pleasure of the Board. Our Officers:

  • Operations Coordinator – Owen Shaffer, Asheville, NC
  • Treasurer – seeking applicants