About the Organization

Our organization promotes the use of deliberation and democratic lotteries (sortition) in citizens’ assemblies, organizations, student government, and all level of government from local to Congress.

Our members determine the direction of the organization through a democratic-lottery-selected Board of Directors. The Board gives focus and direction to the organization’s activities through two committees. The Coordinating Committee operates the organization under the direction of the Board and the Outreach Committee manages the website and looks for ways to promote the organization.

The organization has several Interest Groups that provide members with avenues to pursue their interests.


The main connection between members are the online Monthly Meetings; they bring together folks from across the country. We hear reports from our Interest Groups and feature guest speakers who explore democratic lotteries, citizen assemblies, deliberation, and other ways to improve democracies.

Interest Group meetings and other events sponsored by DWE are also included. Detailed information, including times and how to join in, are included in the Newsletter or by email to members.


Sunday 18 July – Monthly Meeting. Part 2: Stratification.

Tuesday 15 June – Monthly meeting. Part 1: Stratification. Led by Madeline Mccarren.

Monday 16 May – Monthly Meeting. Developing our Mission Statement. lead by Chris Forman.

Monday 3 May – Board of Directors

Tuesday 13 April – Monthly Meeting. Part 5: The use of democratic lotteries in civil society. Led by Terry Bouricius.

Sunday 11 April – Lottery for the selection of new Board Directors. Led by Owen Shaffer, Chris Forman, David Grant & Edward Morgan.

Monday 5 April – Board of Directors

Sunday 14 March – Monthly Meeting. Part 4: Transition Strategies to a Democracy Without Elections. Led by Terry Bouricius.

Monday 1 March – Board of Directors

Tuesday 16 February – Monthly Meeting. Part 3: Using democratic lotteries in legislative bodies like Congress. Led by Terry Bouricius.

Saturday 23 January – DWE is sponsoring a Braver Angels debate on using lotteries instead of elections. Let’s talk with people nationwide about using lotteries to select student leaders. What are the benefits and risks? Share and learn.

Sunday 17 January – Monthly Meeting. Part 2: Using democratic lotteries in legislative bodies like Congress. Led by Terry Bouricius.


Tuesday 15 December – Monthly meeting. First in a series on using democratic lotteries in legislative bodies like Congress. Led by Terry Bouricius.

Sunday 15 November – Monthly Meeting. The Elevator Pitch: How to Introduce Democratic Lotteries in 3 Minutes. Led by Owen Shaffer and Chris Forman.

Tuesday 13 October – Ann Bakkensen and Marion Sharp, The Inside View of a Citizens’ Assembly

Sunday 13 September – Business meeting. Voted to change our name to Democracy Without Elections and to form a Board of Directors.

9 August – What is Deliberation? Led by Chris Forman and Ahmed Taleb.

14 July – Maxim Lowe, Washington State climate Citizens’ Assembly.

15-17 May – First Annual physical meeting, co-located with Unrig, Miami, Florida. Canceled due to COVID-19.

3 May — Adam Cronkright, Of By For.

11 February – Education Group presentation: “National Deliberation Day.”


8 December Linn Davis, Healthy Democracy

17 September — Chris Ellis, MASS LBP

4 & 6 August – Owen Shaffer, “Representative Representatives? Congress Doesn’t Reflect Americans.”

2 & 4 June – Group Reports, report from the Sortition Foundation Annual General Meeting.

14 April – Group Reports; discussions on organization and growth

27 January – Organizational Meeting